Micro Plate Centrifuge CM-7MP


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  • LCD Control Panel
  • Control speed in RPM or G-Force
  • 6 variable brake speeds
  • Digital timer
  • Rotor 6M04 included

The ELMI CM-7MP is our NEW 2024 micro-plate centrifuge. Micro Plate Rotor 6M.04 is included and installed in this unit.

Rotor 6M04 is flawlessly designed for versatility and use with most micro plates on today’s the market. Centrifuge CM-7MP features a digital color display where users can control speed in RPM or RCF (G x force), set their digital timer, adjust the brake speed and more. Easy to use, and ready to centrifuge without calibration, this is the perfect benchtop addition to your lab. As with all ELMI centrifuges this unit is built to last and features a compete 24-month warranty ; parts, transit and labor.

 Rotor Rotation Speed 100 - 2,500 RPM
Timer 1 - 99 min
Maximum Centrifugal Force 866 RCF (G-Force)
Brake Levels 6
Working Temperature Range from +4 to +40 ˚C
Level of noise 1 m in distance, db(A) No more than 61
Relative Air Moisture % 80%
Voltage and Frequency 100 - 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Maximal Consumable Power 250 W
Size (L x W x H) 430 x 410 x 220 mm
Weight 13.8 kg/30 lbs


 Rotor Capacity 2 plates
Size of applied plates (W x L x H) 86 x 128 x 20mm
Maximum permissible load of the rotor 100g