ELMI CM-50M Micro Centrifuge Fugamix-Mix Rotor Included


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FUGAMIX™ Family The Fugamix family of products is a unique series, engineered to combine the two most frequently used functions in the laboratory – mixing and spin down – in a single machine. This exciting, one-of-a-kind system will swiftly and efficiently handle both operations either manually or automatically. Plus, Fugamix is powered by V-Spin – the world’s most advanced, patented mixing and liquid-handling technology. The result is huge savings in time, effort, and workspace.


  • 15,000 RPM
  • 9 levels of mixing
  • 3 automated spin-mix-spin programs for sample preparation
  • Rapid spin function
  • Digital timer
  • Automatic rotor detection
  • Rotor imbalance sensor
  • 3 optional rotor selections
  • Low sample heating – max 10 ̊ C while running at max speed

Lower reagent volumes are needed with the CM-50M, thanks to the spin-mix-spin program. By simply spinning samples before and after mixing, lower reagent volumes can be used without any increase in sample error. The powerful G-force, digital timer, spin-speed control, and 9 mixing strengths combine to ensure absolute precision.


  • - PCR diagnostic labs
  • - Biochemical clinical labs
  • - Preparing samples prior to PCR reactions, gel electrophoresis and enzyme reactions
  • - immunoprecipitations
  • - cell permeabilisation by chelating or hydrophobic agents for reaction in situ
  • - low solubility drug testing
  • - cell washing from culture media after fermentation
  • - molecular and cell biology
  • - immunology, biochemistry
  • - physical and colloidal chemistry
  • - study of nanoparticles
  • - analytical chemistry


Centrifugation Speed RPM 1,000-15,000
Maximum Centrifugal Force RCF 15,294
Timer min from 0.1 up to 99
Number of Vortexing Modes - 12
Custom Sample Preparation Modes - 1
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 200 x 180 x 145
Power Supply Adapter - 24 VDC, 5A
Weight kg 3.1