Manual of ELMI CM-7S Plus

Specification of ELMI CM-7S Plus

CM-7S Plus Swing-Out Centrifuge


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Introducing the latest swing-out centrifuge, CM-7S Plus. Engineered with a stainless-steel inner bowl and motor cover, it optimizes safety, dependability and ease of operation. This centrifuge serves many uses, like PRP, PRF, clinical, medical, research and more. It stands out with its slim, robust design, making it a top pick for its compactness and versatility amongst all swing-out centrifuges. Stainless steel inner bowl and motor cover, combined with a passive cooling system, emphasize protection while the transparent lid and automatic lid lock guarantee extra security, making CM-7S Plus a stress-free choice. Moreover, features such as variable brake speed, 2300 RCF, timer, rotor imbalance detection, and many others are included. Its wide selection of rotors and adapters provide customizable capacity to fit all tube sizes, making this centrifuge the perfect selection for any laboratory. Its small size, advanced safety features, and versatility make CM-7S Plus the right choice for you.

  • Cold room and refrigerator safe
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Versatile
  • Rotor imbalance technology
  • Automatic lid lock for convenience
  • and safety
  • Rapid acceleration/braking system
  • Multiple brake speeds, 30 seconds to
  • 2.5 minutes
  • Digital timer
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Control speed in RPM or G-Force

Advanced technology

  • SkySpin™ patented motor controller.
  • Sensorless Accu-Logic™ architecture.
  • Digital speed and balance controller.
  • Increased durability.
  • Smooth, noiseless and non-heating operation.
  • Stainless Steel Inner bowl and motor cover.
  • Six different brake speeds.
  • Simultaneous display of RPM and G-Force on LCD Display
  • FDA Registered
  • Custom programming
  • Custom rotors and co-branding for PRP kit Manufactures 
Rotor Rotation Speed RPM 100 - 3,500
Timer min 1sec - 12hr
Maximum Centrifugal Force RCF (G-Force) 2,300
Brake Levels - 6
Working Temperature Range


from +10 up to +40

Relative Air Moisture at 20˚C (68˚F) % 80
Voltage and Frequency V, Hz 100 - 240V; 50/60Hz
Maximal Consumable Power W 250
Size (L x W x H)



431 x 410 x 247

17 x 16x 10






Manual of ELMI CM-7S Plus

Specification of ELMI CM-7S Plus