PurePRP® II Processing Video 60mL

This video features EmCyte Corparations PurePRP® II Processing - 60mL kit. Autologous cellular biologic that has become standard of care for many treatment applications. In today’s world of regenerative medicine, clinicians are requiring products that are not only clinically effective but also have the versatility to provide for specific treatment applications. Clinical platelet rich plasma (C-PRP) contains a clinical dose of concentrated platelets in a treatment sample. Scientific studies provide proof of bone and soft tissue healing enhancement with a minimum PRP platelet count of 1,000,000 platelets per microliter 1. This translates to a minimum of 1 billion platelets per milliliter. Therefore, a 5mL treatment sample of C-PRP should contain at least 5 billion deliverable platelets, for clinical efficacy. This is a Dual Device Double Spin with Active Disc Displacement Technology.


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